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Extended essay

Please find the IB extended Essay guide here. For Mathematics specific information read pages 295 - 302.

Resources for AMC

Mock tests with answers: link 

Past AMC papers: link

AMC 10/12 practice questions: link


Resources to practice Optimization (SL)

Topic review: click here. In that link you will find an explanation in a more formal setting than our textbook. Contains worked examples. 
Video explanation with solved examples: 

See Khan Academy for additional videos.

Resources for self study (HL)

Some resources you can use for the self study topics are below. Please DO NOT limit yourself to these resources, own your learning by using keywords to find appropriate resources. For the self study topics that are not listed below please make sure to find them either in your textbook or use the google search engine to find a resource.

Exponents and logarithms: Haese & Harris, Mathematics HL, Chapter 3, sections A, B, C, D
Statistics and Probability: Haese & Harris, Mathematics HL, Chapter 23, Chapter 24.

Other resources

Factoring: I found this wonderful resource that you can use to practice the different cases of factorization of polynomials. Please download it from here. For theory see here

Rational expressions and Functions: If you are still having difficulties recognizing rational functions and simplifying expressions, then please take a look at this chapter. I recommend reading through the explanations and examples and, after doing so, check your knowledge and understanding by working out the following problems:

page 494-495, Exercises 7.1. Problems 32 to 48, problems 55 to 66, and, problems 71 to 76.

Properties of Limits: For practice on the properties of limits, please take a look at exercise 12.2 on the Pre-calculus by Stewart, starting on page 897. I recommend doing the following problems: 1-8, 14, 15, 17-20, 25, 26, 33, 34.


So you feel uneasy about logarithms! Suffer no more, follow the following documents to learn and understand them more!

Step 1: Watch this video:

Step 2: Check your understanding!

Read the following explanation and examples. This is a cool resource available on the internet, originally on this link.

Step 3: Practice time!

Here! Same resourceas on step 2, but only focusing on exercises. Only practice will guarantee the automatization of this process. 

Step 4:

This resource found online provides explanations of the propertie of logarithms and how they can be used to simplify expressions and solve equations:

Resource 1

Resource 2

Need help with your calculator?

Find below the user manual for your calculators!



TI n-Spire

How to reset your calculator? Look here!

Productivity and Planning

I came across this short video with tips on how to make your study time more productive. I found it very useful, I find myself doing some of those things myself for the things I need to study. Additionally, I found a nice blog that introduces several methods to keep track of your work and planning. I am currently using a modified Alastair method to keep track of everything I have to do, and so far it's been working very well. Hope you find these useful!