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Ms Carolina's Math class

Office Hours

Office hours:
Tuesday: 14:30 ~ 16:30
Thursday: 14:30 ~ 16:30
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Video Lessons:

The structure of the lessons is as follows:

1. Assigned reading.
2. Video
3. Video and classroom examples
4. Classwork.

Videos may contain additional examples or content that may not be in the textbook. However, if you can't watch the videos, you should not worry, you still have access to all the textbooks and tasks via our classroom and

Math IA:

I have updated an assignment in the classroom where you can submit your topic for the Math IA. There is a form that I need you to complete, make your one copy and submit it on Date TBD.

The other submission dates are kept unchanged, so you know you have a deadline if it is in the classroom. 

Math IA progress due -  
Math IA first draft due - 
Math IA final due - 

Please make sure you think of a very focused research question. Avoid feeling satisfied with a general statement or a topic, you must have a clear idea of the research question in order for me to help you move forward.

Please notice that I CANNOT:
- Edit your work.
- Write your work.
- Assign you a topic
- Tell you what to do in detail
- Point out specific errors/mistakes

You will provide very well thought of ideas for me to assess and give you feedback on, it will be done through a form that will be share when the time comes

Grades and Assessment:

Letters of recommendation:

If you requested me to write a letter of recommendation, please take this opportunity to demonstrate all of your engagement, leadership skills, your commitment, your interest in Math, etc, so I will have really awesome things to say about you!


Formula Booklet

The IB subject guide is a key document in the development of the course. Please read it to learn about course objectives, course description, and the syllabus. Please see the subject brief for consolidated information.

Please find here the IB Formula booklet.

- Bring a printed copy of this document to any Exams, Tests, or Quizzes.

Subject Guide

Please find here the subject guide for Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL.

Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL